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We work with proven processes to internationally recognised standards.

We work to an agile, incremental development process using an object-orientated methodology.

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We solve challenging technical problems.

We blend engineering rigour with creativity to solve problems which cross into mathematical or other science-based domains.

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We develop embedded software.

Our professionally accredited multi-disciplinary team covers the entire software development life cycle.

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We understand large-scale systems architecture and design our software to fit in larger systems.

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We design, prototype and deliver electronics-based firmware and solutions.

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Energy and Water

We deliver accurate, reliable metering software for a range of wireless technologies.

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We develop software for smaller-scale industrial workstations, and larger more complex production processes.

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We focus on sound fault-tolerant architecture and design, rigorous testing and risk management.

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We develop embedded software for over-the-air, land-based, and submarine telecommunications installations.

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Flexible Engagement

Since 1998, we have worked with a large number of clients, from many different industries, on demanding and complex embedded projects. From sub-sea communications and medical refrigeration control, to mobile phone graphics and university resource booking systems – to name but a few. Several [...]

Submarine Cables – A Brief History

In 1866, a transatlantic telegraph cable was laid between Valentia Island, Ireland and Newfoundland, Canada, and the first messages were exchanged. The transmissions took several hours to cross the ocean – at a time when communications would have taken days by ship. The cable was [...]