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Over fifteen years ago, LeoTel began with a core of former STC/ICL engineers and roots in the telecommunications industry. We have been delivering innovative software solutions ever since, to a wide range of industries, from mobile handsets and wireless sensor devices, to laser marking systems and fire alarms.


We are passionate technology experts and problem solvers with a diverse range of backgrounds.

Stu’s tenacious attitude ensures he is never beaten by a technical challenge. He has over 30 years’ engineering experience, and is the go-to person when we have a particularly difficult problem to solve. With a passion for live music, he is also in tune with our planet, enjoys organic produce, local sourcing and supports a diverse range of environmental causes. Stu has an HND in Measurement and Control from Hatfield Polytechnic.

STUARTSenior Software Engineer

Chris is an enthusiastic and dedicated engineer, with a strong scientific background and extensive embedded software development experience in machine and automation applications. He is a keen independent traveller, and when closer to home spends his time walking, gardening and watching football. Chris has a BSc in Computer Science from Anglia Polytechnic University.

CHRISSenior Software Engineer

Dave is the foundation of our hardware engineering capability. He began his career as an engineering graduate in radio at the BBC, and has an extraordinary ability to design and build almost anything electronic. After hours, he turns his enthusiasm to all things audio, in particular producing and recording live music. Dave has a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UMIST.

DAVEHardware Engineer

Helen keeps the LeoTel machine running smoothly. She manages the office, accounts, quality assurance, HR, system administration, enjoys software testing, and is the friendly face that most visitors first see when they come to LeoTel. She is a competent swimmer, with a love of the outdoors, and has a passion for all things universe and space-related. Helen is studying for a BSc in Physical Science with the Open University.

HELENBusiness and Systems Manager

James’ multi-discipline mastery and passion for all things technical shine through in every project in which LeoTel are involved. With an exceptional blend of education, 30 years’ software engineering and tremendous leadership skills, he is always keen to explore. He likes discovering nature, feats of engineering, and tinkering with the latest in electronics. James has a MA (Cantab) in Electrical and Information Science Tripos from the University of Cambridge.

JAMESDirector and Technical Lead

Justine combines technical skill with attention to detail to bring certainty and methodical discipline to all the projects she tackles. Her fine art background makes her an engineer with an eye for the visual. She is enthusiastic about botanical illustration, biodiversity, and engineering history. Justine has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and Visual Studies from the University of Toronto.

JUSTINESenior Software Engineer

Stuart trained as a telecommunications / electronics engineer and has an HND in electronics from Barnet College. Since then he has spent 30 years in Technical Sales and Marketing, working in industries such as Semiconductor Test, Environmental Test, IT and Product Compliance. Stuart strongly believes that sales is about making and developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships and that this is best done by matching a customer’s need, not just to a convenient solution, but to the right solution. In his spare time Stuart enjoys DIY around the home and has a passion for carpentry.

STUART I.Business Development

Stephen is a new and enthusiastic member of our team. With a background in automotive diagnostics, he has an interest in robotics and control and cybersecurity, and is currently pursuing a cybersecurity qualification in his spare time. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys racing and driving simulation games. Stephen has a BEng (Hons) in Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering from the University of Sheffield.

STEPHENGraduate Software Engineer

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Leotel Stevenage


We are based in the heart of historic Stevenage Old Town, surrounded by the vibrancy of the High Street, with the convenience of fast national transport links, and adjacent to the nation’s first ‘New Town’.
Built as a progressive town-planning experiment during the 1940s, ‘Space Age’ Stevenage now has a long-established connection to the technology industries, with high-profile projects such as the Mars Rover, ongoing space and telecommunications satellite development, and modern science and research facilities.

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