Since 1998, we have worked with a large number of clients, from many different industries, on demanding and complex embedded projects. From sub-sea communications and medical refrigeration control, to mobile phone graphics and university resource booking systems – to name but a few.

Several examples of completed projects can be found here.

Not only are we flexible in the range of work we undertake, we also consider ourselves flexible in the various ways we engage with our clients, their own in-house teams and even our clients’ other suppliers.

Making bright ideas happen

In some cases we are engaged as the entire development resource. In these situations we take a client’s idea – yes, sometimes drafted on the back of envelope. We develop the idea into a product concept. Then we design the necessary hardware and software, manufacturing prototypes, writing code and developing user interfaces as required. Finally we return the project to the client with everything they need to go into production.

Addressing your skills shortage

In other cases we work on a package or element in a larger development program. This might be to alleviate internal client resource shortages. It might also be to bring a particular skill set that the client does not have.

A clearly defined package of work, along with the outcomes, timeframes and expected results is important. We offer software consultancy to help clients define and document their needs, project deliverables, milestones, expectations, etc.. We provide software consultancy as a stand-alone service, regardless of whether we are delivering the project or not.

Communication is key

Frequent communication throughout development is key to the success of any project. We keep each project on track by appointing a dedicated project manager and ensuring our client is fully aware of project progress, along with the successes of achieving project milestones.

Change happens

We know that a client’s needs can change. This can be minor changes to the desired functionality, or more significant redesigns of hardware and or software. We pride ourselves in our adaptable approach. We work with clients to ensure that such changes are implemented with minimal disruption to the project delivery.

Finally, we realise that a client’s delivery timescale can also change. When working on a complex project or a project involving several departments or suppliers, deadline timings can frequently change. Our flexible working practices means that we can often allocate additional resources to meet demanding deadlines, keeping the overall project on time.

We’re flexible

Whatever your need and however you like to work, LeoTel Software Systems offer you a competent, adaptable and flexible partnership that will deliver your project on time and in budget. So give us a call to discuss your next need.