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From hand-held products to large-scale systems, we specialise in quality bespoke software, embedded control and monitoring solutions.

  • meterreading
    Recent Project

    Automated Meter Reading

    Wireless technology company Radio-Tech had a requirement for an automated meter reading (AMR) system which allowed meter-data to be collected while an operative drove at a normal residential speed along a predetermined route.

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  • PropeirtaryDigital-
    Recent Project

    Decoding of Proprietary Digital Video Codec

    A UK forensics agency required plug-and-play decoding modules in order to extract digital video footage within an Open Source video playback framework.

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  • direction
    Recent Project

    Direction Finding

    The world’s leading supplier of ground based air navigation aids needed additional software expertise to support them in their ongoing maintenance and development of the front-end processing software for their direction finding product.

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  • equip-upgrade
    Recent Project

    Power Feed Equipment Upgrade & Interface Bridge

    One of the foremost global communications equipment providers needed a high-reliability interface board in order to upgrade submarine cable power feed equipment (PFE) installations in the field, and to provide access to their new Network Management System.

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  • Sensor monitoring product development
    Recent Project

    Planer ReAssure Sensor Monitoring

    A cross-platform, scalable, configurable system for monitoring over 50 sensor endpoints, with concurrent user access, data acquisition, logging and display.

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Product development

Product Development

Addition of USB slave FIFO interface and FPGA-based VME bus bridge.

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