There has been a huge and ongoing investment in copper-based telecommunications networks worldwide, and many good reasons to upgrade rather than to replace them.

The Project

With this in mind, Genesis Technical Systems, a broadband infrastructure provider, developed mBond® , an innovative bonding technology which enabled ultra-fast broadband delivery over existing copper networks.

Installation engineers would have to configure and monitor mBond® network elements during the commissioning and maintenance phases of the product’s lifetime, using a web-based front end which stood alongside the command-line interface and which would interface with a proprietary network management tool set. It was important that functional elements and features used by the installation engineers were intuitive.

With commercial trials looming, the client needed extra engineers in order to develop the web interface without impacting the rest of the project schedule.

Our Role

We worked with the client’s engineers and management in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the network management tool set which formed the framework for configuration and control of their product.

We assisted with the fine-tuning of the software model shared by the web and command-line interfaces. We designed and developed the web interface, evolving it from the initial concept layouts proposed by the client at the start of the project to the first product version.

We captured the configuration and network element status information as elements of the software model such as VDSL modem configuration were expanded and stabilised by the client’s engineering team.

With additional customisation of the framework, we built custom actions on top of the existing framework, including recursion of the model structure and programmatic optimisations to improve page load times.

The Technology

The web interface was a customisation of a commercial model-based framework, and incorporated various related web technologies:

  • Web 2.0/AJAX
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Single-page application using backbone.js
  • MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern
  • jQuery, especially the $.Deferred method
  • embedded Linux platform

The Benefit

We quickly reached a point where development could go ahead using the commercial framework that the client was already using.

We enabled the client to derive additional value from the work already done using the platform, allowing the time and investment in it to be fully realised.

We ultimately helped speed the client to a first product version and their commercial trial objectives.

What our client said

Genesis Technical Systems provides the ground-breaking DSL Rings® and mBond® technologies, delivering affordable superfast broadband over existing copper networks.

The Genesis development team often needs to react quickly to customer requests. In this specific case, a Tier 1 telecommunications service provider required a Web based user interface as an extension to the existing mBond management interface, without impacting on previously committed delivery time-scales.

Bringing LeoTel systems on-board allowed the engineering team to focus on the core embedded development requirements, whilst leveraging LeoTel’s specific expertise to develop the Web based user interface.

As a result, Genesis was able to deliver to an already tight deadline with the requested new feature set.

Throughout the development process, LeoTel provided regular reports and kept the team informed on progress resulting in minimal management overhead from Genesis. Delivery targets were met despite changing requirements, and LeoTel provided not only a professional service but a quality, maintainable product.”

— Sean Scharffenorth, Engineering Director – Genesis Technical Systems Ltd

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