Image of senior software engineer documenting a system architecture

Software Consultancy

We provide experienced technical consultancy and software development services, including the preparation of requirements and design specifications, and the independent review and auditing of existing software and specifications, with professional advice and recommendations on possible improvements and enhancements to your product, system, or process. We can work in partnership with you to complement your in-house […]

Image of Cypress USB superspeed development board

Enhancing Systems

We work with you to use software to differentiate your product or system in the market. From fibre-optic cable power-feed equipment and air traffic management, to smart metering systems and factory automation, our software is designed to enhance your products and produce additional ground-breaking functionality. Our breadth and depth of technical knowledge, combined with extensive […]

Product development

Product Development

We work with you to understand the market for your product or system, map out the user experience and select the appropriate technologies for your solution. From biometric systems, sensor networks and the “internet of things”, to financial modelling and fully software-based products, we can develop a conceptual prototype or optimise an existing design, assist […]