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Over the last forty years, Planer plc has pioneered the development and use of many controlled temperature products, as well as equipment and sensors for monitoring and logging key laboratory parameters, in order to help their customers achieve their goals in biology, medicine and industry. Planer has received the Queen’s Award for Technology and awards from the DTI for Innovation and Good Practice in Micro-electronics, and holds a number of patents.

As a next generation monitoring solution, ReAssure requirements specified a cross-platform, scalable, configurable system for monitoring over 50 sensor endpoints, with concurrent user access, reliable data acquisition, logging and display, and, at the same time, meeting the standards required of devices in the scientific and medical fields.

The user interface was designed to be simple and intuitive, in order for users to configure the system quickly and easily.

LeoTel Software Systems worked closely with the engineering team at Planer to design and develop ReAssure, which offers simplicity of use, combined with a sophisticated monitoring solution.

ReAssure supports multiple user privilege levels, and users can view the current status of all sensors, and graphs of sensor readings over time, in addition to performing configuration actions.

LeoTel Software Systems defined the system architecture and detailed design for ReAssure, working with the Planer team to ensure that system requirements were addressed cohesively and that the final system operated as designed. This was conducted in a phased approach, with an initial systems analysis and design reviews, an implementation phase, comprehensive test framework and stage reviews.

ReAssure uses Jetty, a Java HTTP server, and was developed using Java and Wicket, a Java-based web application framework, which provides the cross-platform support. Sensor endpoints and the ReAssure server / cloud are connected via the local area network.

The business logic is modularised, and performs the background logging, alarm and reporting functionality.

The ReAssure monitoring solution has become another innovative product for Planer; well received by both new and existing Planer customers, who have benefitted from:

  • Ease of installation
  • Smaller physical footprint
  • Flexible set up
  • Ease of system commissioning
  • Lower management overhead
  • Scalability
  • Dependability
  • Lower price point

What our client said

“We have worked with LeoTel on a number of different projects, confident in the knowledge that they will produce a clean, well-structured system that not only fulfills the initial requirements but also provides a stable, easily maintainable base.
Working with James and the team, we know we have access to expertise that can help us identify the correct technical solutions for the various challenges that arise during development. In addition, the software development process has been extremely straightforward, with their procedures integrating seamlessly with our own internal software control systems. If I were summarising our experience with LeoTel I’d say: professional, responsive and easy to work with.”

— Steve Butler, Engineering Director - Planer plc


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