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Case Study #1 - Product Development

The Client: A United Kingdom based development of photonic network equipment. It aimed to become the first group worldwide to develop and install all-optical packet switching platforms. The first step was an all-optical cross-connect capable of scaling from a modest to a mammoth size.

The Challenge: Reliable and efficient software and firmware was essential to realising this goal. Among the functionality to be provided by software at various levels was:

  • Control of connections and equipment settings
  • Control of end to end optical paths and performance monitoring
  • Fault localisation
  • Protection switching
  • Alarm, event and performance logs and reports

The Solution: Thanks to our in-depth experience in the telecommunications sector, including fibre opticals and conventional cross-connects and switches, LeoTel Software Systems was able to provide a complete software solution at a competitive price. Object Orientated Design was used throughout. The management software was designed using Rational Rose and was implemented in C++. A hardware simulator was developed to assist in testing. The craft interface was implemented in Java. The ability to inter-work with third-party applications, such as billing systems and other business management functions, was another priority. To provide maximum flexibility an upward Q3 interface was designed and implemented.

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